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Southampton Airport Parking

Southampton Airport (SOU) is the 18th most prominent and busiest airport in the United Kingdom, with nearly two million passengers passing through its doors annually.

However, you do not have to jangle your nerves looking for cost-feasible parking options at Southampton Airport in the wake of a scads number of flights it operates each year.

JustParkme is here to guide you through the best car parking at Southampton Airport.

You will never overpay for parking at Southampton Airport by booking with us.

Moreover, we collaborate with credible and trusted car parking operators, enabling you to book without even an iota of suspicion.

Our pricing lists offer great value at services like park-and-ride, meet-and-greet, long-stay, and short-stay.

In addition to that, our booking process reflects our unflagging efforts to provide travellers with the best-suited and desirable parking choices.

Thus, JustParkme is a prudent choice for Southampton Airport parking.

Parking options at Southampton Airport

Park and Ride

The park-and-ride service is the most workable option you should opt for if you want to save money. This service flaunts low prices, considering it is usually located outside the Southampton grounds and requires a short transfer to the check-in desk.

With regard to convenience, park-and-ride operates shuttle buses that take between 5-15 minutes to reach the terminal.

Hence, you stay worry-free about lengthy transfers.

Meet and Greet

Commence your trip in a lofty manner with a fuss-proof Meet and Greet Southampton Airport Parking. It eliminates the need for boarding a shuttle bus.

Instead, you leave your car near the terminal and head to the check-in desk, while your professional driver parks it for you. Your vehicle will stay in the allocated park nearby for the duration you stay away on your magnificent trip.

Eventually, when you return, your car will be waiting for you right outside the terminal for a speedy ride back home.

Therefore, the meet-and-greet service is a professional, rapid, and efficient way to park at Southampton Airport.

Short-stay parking

Southampton Airport parking short-stay is a practical pick to park your car for a short period of time.

Similarly, if you arrive at Southampton Airport to pick up someone and your stay there is transient, you must avail of short-stay parking.

Furthermore, most of the parking spaces are covered, so you can stay dry during your transfer from the car to the terminal if the bad weather hits.

Long-stay parking

The long-stay parking Southampton Airport is a self-parking service found near the end of the main Southampton Airport road and terminal building.

The shuttle bus connects the long-stay parking lot to the main terminal and takes hardly five minutes. Also, the shuttle service functions 24 hours a day.

Lastly, long-stay parking is a handy option for those whose trips extend for longer than a few days.