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Cardiff Airport Parking

Cardiff Airport brags about being the most notable and significant transit hub for business and enjoyment-related trips, rendering its services to passengers from Cardiff, South Wales, West Wales and Mid Wales.

Ordinarily, Cardiff Airport caters to short-haul flights within Great Britain and Europe.

Also, Cardiff Airport has a single terminal, eliminating the worry about which terminal you're flying from.

Airport parking at Cardiff is in prominence among travellers on account of serving a substantial number of passengers each year.

Moreover, locating a swift and money-saving Cardiff Airport car parking becomes even more gruelling if you have reached out to some unreliable car parking operators.

These airport service providers will not only swindle you out of your blood-and-sweat money but also provide you with parking services that will consume your valuable time.

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Options for Airport Parking at Cardiff

Park and Ride

You can relish a simple and cost-compatible parking experience with a park-and-ride service. Depending on the service you select at Cardiff Airport, you will either leave your car at a drop-off point or park it yourself before boarding a regular shuttle to the terminal.

Further to that, shuttle transfers at Cardiff Airport take less than 10 minutes.

Thus, choose park-and-ride, and there's no need to save money for fun activities while travelling!

Meet and Greet

Cardiff Airport Meet & Greet parking is an option worthy of consideration if you intend to have an easy and stress-buster start to your trip. Using this convenient parking service, you can simply leave your car at the airport terminal with a professional valet. It will be parked for you and returned to the same place when you return.

You can offload your luggage and walk to the check-in desks in just a few minutes.

In addition to that, meet-and-greet is a 2-minute walk from the terminal in a designated drop-off and pick-up area.

As a result, with a meet-and-greet, you won't have to worry about your flight getting missed or scurrying for a parking spot yourself.

Short-stay parking

Short Stay parking is advantageous if you want to be as close to the terminal as possible.

The Cardiff Airport Short-stay car parking is an on-site service and is only a 2-5-minute walk from the terminal.

Bear in mind that showing up and parking at a short-stay car park can be expensive.

However, if you book with us in advance, you can save 10%.

Long-stay parking

The long-stay car park at Cardiff Airport is for you if you are going to extend your trip for more than a week. It is just a 5-minute walk from the terminal.

Remember, long-stay car parking comes with a heavy price tag that may not be in sync with your budget.

Hence, choosing either a wallet-friendly park-and-ride or fuss-free meet-and-greet may cater to your travelling requirements instead of an expensive long-stay car parking option.